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Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Medicaid Fraud Attorney

There are many charges that are very serious in a court of law, especially Medicaid fraud. Medicaid fraud means that you've defrauded the health care system, which is provided by the government to low income persons. If you're an individual, or you're a business, you can be charged with Medicaid fraud. If you're charged with Medicaid fraud, then you need to act quickly, in order to avoid the severity of the charges levied against you. An attorney can help you to lower fines and jail time, or you may possibly have your case dismissed.

Penalties For Medicaid Fraud

There are several different types of penalties for Medicaid fraud, but it depends on what you've done. Businesses are more likely to face the highest fines for Medicaid fraud, because they are educated about how Medicaid Works. If a business has taken advantage of Medicaid, then they will most likely face a high fine, as well as closure of their business, and possibly jail time. The penalties are based upon who is being charged, the severity of the charge, and several other factors.

If an individual is being charged, their penalty can be jail time or a fine. It's not unusual for someone to go to jail, for committing Medicaid fraud, especially if the fraud goes into tens of thousands of dollars. The higher the fraud amount, the more severe the penalties will be. If you hire a medicaid fraud attorney, then you can fight any charges levied against you.