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Medicaid Fraud Attorney


Medicaid fraud is a serious crime and the effects it has on the government are severe. Every year, hundreds of people apply for Medicaid under false pretenses, willfully stealing money from their fellow taxpayers. The Spodek Law Group has been assisting in Medicaid fraud investigations for years. The firm assists in determine if applicants are eligible for Medicaid. This year, the firm has already recovered over $21 million dollars. The Spodek Law Group is family-run and has been performing Medicaid fraud prosecutions for years. There is no other firm in New York that has the expertise that this firm has.


There are many complicated aspects when the government decides to investigate someone for alleged Medicaid fraud. For instance, most of the time an investigation starts with a person receiving a target letter from the government. This is the government’s chance to try and intimidate you. It is not an official subpoena.

Another thing many people may not realize is how often the rules of Medicaid eligibility change. You may have made a mistake and believe you are entitled to funds. Often, people are entitled to receive Medicaid but only for part of the year.

In many instances, the government will pressure you to settle and threaten you with immediate stoppage of your Medicaid benefits. That is why you need a medicaid fraud attorney by your side throughout the entire process. Make no mistake, you are entitled to legal representation. The Spodek Law Group has been active in Medicaid investigations for over thirty years. Our experience is unparalled.